France has many peculiar dishes, the most famous of which include escargots (snails) and frog legs. However, as of yesterday I had yet to try either. It’s not as if French people eat these two things often; they are just the stereotypical dishes that Americans like to talk about when discussing French cuisine because they are strange to us. Nevertheless, I felt a little bit like a failure having not tried them after almost a year and a half in France!

Cyril isn’t particularly a fan of either, so he never made of point of introducing them to me as he did with other French specialties. Lately, whenever I asked about escargots, he would tell me, ‘You shouldn’t order them at a resturaunt! My grandmother’s are much better. They should be the first ones that you taste!’

Escargots themselves don’t have much taste, so how they are prepared is really important. Cyril was right to make me wait; the way his grandma makes them, with butter, parsley, oregano, and anise seed, is heavenly!


Mamie is dishing out her specialty!

Apparently Cyril’s ‘mamie’ also makes some mean frog legs so that is on the menu for next time we go south to visit family!


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