English is Weird Reprise

I can’t believe that I left out one of the weirdest things about English in my English is Weird post! So here is a little addition.

Phrasal verbs!!

Did you know that in English we have these things called phrasal verbs? Phrasal verbs are made when you take a normal verb, add a small word behind it, and BAM!, it takes on a whole different meaning. These are super hard for English learners; even advanced students hit a wall with them. Also they can’t avoid phrasal verbs because they are so common. Sometimes the thesaurus equivalent sounds too formal when used in everyday speech.

Here are some examples with get:

Get along (with) To be on good terms; work well:  It’s important to get along with your mother in law.
Get at To imply: What are you getting at? Do you think it’s my fault?
Get out of To avoid doing something: Brian’s trying to get out of working tomorrow.
Get over To recover from (illness, disappointment): Has she gotten over her cold yet?
Get rid of To eliminate: Please get rid of your attitude. It’s bringing everyone else down!


And then there are many phrasal verbs with more than one meaning…




Those poor English learners!!


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